Expert systems and recommenders
using automotive data.


User expectation is growing for the vehicle to become a playground and a connection to the wider digital eco-system.

This means more content, safer systems that are constantly looking out for all the occupants, new wellness-enhancing experiences and services that are proactively orchestrated by AI.

Try out the demo to see how AI can unlock a safer, more enjoyable journey:

Improved infrastructure will enable new use cases

Network expansion

Ubiquitous 5G enables content streaming and real-time maps


V2X nodes providing rich data about the infrastructure and vehicles around you


More chargers, more range, more choice


Carsharing, ‘usership’ instead of ownership, multimodality

Increasing amount of sensors will enable a richer experience


Improved safety with autonomy in certain zones and conditions

Onboard Processing

Centralized AI and software-defined vehicle that enables a highly intelligent assistant


Tracking of occupants and objects so that needs can be anticipated

Light, scent and sound

Greater opportunity to personalize the onboard experience through senses

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