Creating the building
and business logic for
intelligent mobility

Software that enriches your connected vehicles.

CloudMade personalisation software brings benefits for you as an OEM and also your customers.

It makes your vehicle more appealing to digital-minded consumers and increases brand loyalty.

For users, it reduces travel stress and makes car features easier to understand and use.

Our mission

To create the building blocks and
business logic that help the industry
connect the dots on every human journey.

You can see more about our vision for intelligent mobility here:

The right use of data and connectivity can transform your customer experience and make every journey a more personal one. This brings direct brand value and loyalty, critical factors in today’s innovation-led environment. See how our building blocks can affect your business in the key areas of safety, comfort, efficiency and monetisation.

How CloudMade impacts each business category

CloudMade is developing solutions for the primary business categories within the vehicle domain.

If you are interested in discussing a particular painpoint within your category, or have a problem in a category that is not mentioned, please get in touch for more information about how we can run discovery and co-creation workshops to identify possible solutions for you.

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