SaaS Predictions for Fleet
Management Software

Drive up margins by adding Predictions as a Service, running on your data, to your Fleet Software stack.


Manage, process and use machine-learning to make inferences from large fleet data sets, enabling improved reporting, forecasting, planning, fleet optimisation, cost reduction and much more.

CloudMade Mobility & Fleet Predictions as a Service will allow you to make accurate ML-based predictions for fleet demand, total cost of ownership and maintenance as well as unlocking valuable use cases which could elevate your product above the competition, increase stickiness and reduce customer churn.

Using CloudMade solutions you can:

Easily predict the future need of vehicles, maintenance costs, total cost of ownership. No need to just use the directional coefficient of historical data and expect it to constitute an accurate forecast.

Use your own data to understand how to optimize the fleet and reduce future costs. No complexity or need to buy data sets from elsewhere.

Understand how the data can be used intelligently and efficienctly. No need to have in-house expertise which requires years of experience to build up, combining data science, software engineering and business knowledge.

Predictions as a Service

Use machine learning to increase value per customer from optimizations discovered in your data.

CloudMade SaaS product for Fleet Management Software has several use-cases that will ensure upsell of vehicle, plan or services, whilst at the same time improving fleet efficiencies.

CloudMade Driver Scoring can help reduce your
fleet fuel costs by up to 20%

Our Driver Scoring module is available right now. Use your fleet data with our inference to uncover the hidden inefficiencies in fuel spend caused by poor driver behaviour.

With this module you can:

  • Reduce fuel cost and CO2 emissions by up to 20%
  • Increase driver safety and awareness.
  • Coach drivers to improve their efficiency.
  • Get actionable, intelligent insights about your fleet.

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Use cases for fleet managers

Different solutions to drive up margins in all parts of the business

Driver behaviour analysis


Getting valuable insights about improving fleet efficiency through driver performance.

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Driver coaching


Improving safety for all drivers through behavior corrections.

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Fuel efficiency analysis


Reducing fuel consumption by analyzing driver behavior and routes.

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Demand prediction for all types of fleets


Positioning vehicles in the most efficient locations.

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Insurance profiling and risk analysis


Building flexible insurance products that fit your fleet.

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Location-based offers & upselling


Suggesting products and services based upon driver profile, route or destination predictions.

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EV charging management


Suggesting the most suitable schedule for optimal EV usage of your fleet.

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Mobility predictions


Simplifying daily commute tasks with navigation shortcuts and recommendations.

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Vehicle status & maintenance


Predicting optimal times for service and maintenance of vehicles in your fleet.

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Ways to use

With a fixed fee per active user, you can easily consume CloudMade predictions in a variety of ways.

Use our predictions in API calls, SDKs in your product, or white label solutions.

API calls

Mobility or companion apps

Productivity dashboards

CloudMade’s Predictions as a Service for fleet management software are the result of years of development and are available to add into your solutions now, with no added telematics complexity.

If you are looking to deploy advanced predictions based on your data, get in touch to see how CloudMade can increase your margin and help ensure your leadership in this rapidly growing market.

Data Analysis Consultancy
for Fleets

Your data – CloudMade expertise!

Consultancy services using your valued data

Want to try the latest AI tools on your data
but have no in-house expertise?

CloudMade offers data consultancy services to solve the most interesting and challenging problems with fleet data.

Our consultants will analyse your existing data to provide valuable insights and descriptive statistics on your users and/or vehicle base.

A typical consultancy package will study the data provided by your Company and build one or more models that show the feasibility and quality expectations for a chosen set of use cases.

Simply fill in the form below with your details and problem that you would like to solve using machine learning, and our team of data scientists will get back to you with a no obligation consultancy offer using our proprietary CloudMade technologies.

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