SaaS Predictions for Fleet
Management Software

Predictions as a Service

Use machine learning to increase value per customer from
optimizations discovered in your data.

CloudMade SaaS product for Fleet Management Software has several use-cases that will ensure
upsell of vehicle, plan or services, whilst at the same time improving fleet efficiencies.

CloudMade Driver Scoring

Use your fleet data with our inference to uncover the hidden inefficiencies in fuel spend caused by poor driver behaviour.

    With this module you can get:

  • Reduce fuel cost and CO2 emissions by up to 20%
  • Increase driver safety and awareness.
  • Coach drivers to improve their efficiency.
  • Get actionable, intelligent insights about your fleet.
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CloudMade EV charging management

CloudMade’s power management solutions will suggest the most suitable schedule for optimal EV usage.

With this module you can get:

  • Predicting future battery health by knowing personal driving style, charging habits, and current battery health;
  • Real-time battery diagnostics along with optimized battery usage can prevent the battery degradation;
  • Planning charging time ahead for the entire fleet;
  • Anticipating recharging needs and suggesting optimal time, place, and type of charging.
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CloudMade Predictive Maintenance

Vehicle downtime can be reduced and service costs minimized through understanding vehicle condition and the impact of upcoming activity. This can be applied to recommended service, charging schedules and other routine activities.

With this module you can get:

  • Real-time diagnostics and driver coaching to maximize up-time and prevent component wear;
  • Predicting the need for service and repairs based on wear and tear caused by individual driving style;
  • Individual and cohort machine learning enables accurate prediction of downtime and maintenance need for each driver or the whole fleet.
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Use cases for fleet managers

Different solutions to drive up margins in all parts of the business

Driver behaviour analysis


Getting valuable insights about improving fleet efficiency through driver performance.

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Driver coaching


Improving safety for all drivers through behavior corrections.

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Fuel efficiency analysis


Reducing fuel consumption by analyzing driver behavior and routes.

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Demand prediction for all types of fleets


Positioning vehicles in the most efficient locations.

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Insurance profiling and risk analysis


Building flexible insurance products that fit your fleet.

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Location-based offers & upselling


Suggesting products and services based upon driver profile, route or destination predictions.

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EV charging management


Suggesting the most suitable schedule for optimal EV usage of your fleet.

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Mobility predictions


Simplifying daily commute tasks with navigation shortcuts and recommendations.

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Vehicle status & maintenance


Predicting optimal times for service and maintenance of vehicles in your fleet.

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Ways to use

With a fixed fee per active user, you can easily consume CloudMade predictions in a variety of ways.

Use our predictions in API calls, SDKs in your product, or white label solutions.

API calls

Mobility or companion apps

Productivity dashboards

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