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CloudMade use cases

A combination of products and their features that enable a specific set of use cases

Intelligent Apps

Smartphone apps – as complete product or SDK modules to enrich your current solutions.

Intelligent Apps deliver great digital user experiences to drivers and passengers by integrating high levels of personalisation, modern technologies, and state of the art design.
Data from mobile usage, blended with that learnt from vehicle use, creates a total experience for the user wishing to make a journey or find out more information about previous journeys.

Some key use cases that our Intelligent Apps solution enables include:

  • Streamlined interfaces that predict the driver’s next destination, maneuver or route
  • Simplified communications through calendar and contacts integration to journeys
  • Trip history and categorisation, both from mobile only-data and vehicle data
  • A holistic information experience with driver profile, weather and traffic integration
  • GDPR Compliant data collection and privacy controls

CloudMade is ready to work with you to embed the relevant use cases and technical package that enables your brand to create a truly intelligent Companion app for your brand, or integrate new intelligent features to your in-vehicle web-app platform of choice.

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