Innovate faster with our
Adaptive Framework

CloudMade Framework

The most flexible, scalable and best validated machine-learning solution for automotive.


Increase your speed to market and decrease your cost and risk in the deployment of machine-learning.

Launch your own in-house features or those developed by third parties.

Buy custom CloudMade feature bundles off the shelf.

CloudMade’s framework allows you to maximize data value using 3 learning approaches.

In-vehicle architectural benefits:

  • Efficient data collection
  • Low data packet rates
  • Predictions available in multiple vehicle domains
  • Offline predictions
  • Onboard-only deployment

Cloud benefits:

  • Insights from a rich mobility profile
  • Performance and experience optimization
  • Efficient data management
  • Aggregated insights across fleets or driver cohorts
  • Easy to implement and scale vehicle functions

A unique architecture
for learning.

Our flexible frameworks architecture allows you to deploy CloudMade components within your own solution, leveraging your vehicle or smartphone sensor network and then computing onboard and/or in cloud to deliver predictions back to the device.

CloudMade’s framework solution is the result of years of development and validation testing. It is available right now.

If you are thinking of developing your own machine-learning framework, talk to us first before commiting valuable budget resources for internal development.
Please get in touch for more information about our any of our framework solutions.

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Products and Services

Use the adaptive framework to power value-adding experiences.

Inference Engines:

  • Specific machine-learning algorithms that turn data into predictions
  • Run individual use-cases or combine inferences for complex, hard to copy features that enhance brand value
  • Use your own or third party algorithms, or use CloudMade’s tried and tested product

Products and Solutions:

  • Touch the end-user with amazing personalized services
  • Use the Adaptive Framework to quickly spin-up new experiences
  • Build machine-learning powered infotainment bundles that can be monetized
  • Use your customers’ data for cost and warranty reduction across the entire fleet

Algorithms and Products/Solutions are all deployed on top of the Adaptive Framework

CloudMade’s inference engines are the result of years of algorithm development and tested on automotive industry-grade data sets.

We are constantly analysing the quality of the algorithms and improving performance. If you are thinking of developing your own inference engines, talk to us first before committing valuable budget resources for internal development.
Please get in touch for more information about any of our inference engine products.

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