СloudMade culture

Where the journey starts

CloudMade has a multi-cultural team that designs, develops and deploys software solutions to OEMs around the world.
We are a team of thinkers and doers.

We pride ourselves in thinking from the customer’s viewpoint and treating our colleagues as equals, regardless of discipline.

Our organisation has a global reach and you could be working with a customer in Europe, in the USA and in Asia, all at the same time. We’re agile and use the latest software processes and tools to get the job done.

“Culture is critical to our success. When an employee’s values are aligned with the company’s values, they can be themselves, be part of the team and apply 100% of themselves to our company’s challenges, with creativity, commitment and enthusiasm.”

Nick Black

Co-founder of CloudMade

Our Values

Emphasize obsessively

We’re constantly attuned to the humans, customers and fellow crew members we serve.

Own it

Think in end-games rather than just next-steps, from the early idea all the way though development and commercialization to final market success.

Go big or go home

Create products, solutions, processes that scale at lightning speed, and touch the masses.

Be intensely curious

Look for innovative yet simple ways to achieve powerful end-games.

Act with grit

Get on with it! Decisions can always be revisited later.

Be a challenger!

Ask why and be critical in your judgement.

Hire and develop stars

Hire talent who can lead, coach and help others succeed.

Find out more about the way we work in these videos below:

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