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led by industry experts

Learn about CloudMade

CloudMade has been at the forefront of automotive learning software development for over 10 years and has composed a team led by software industry veterans with experience learned from product success around the world.

With a team of automotive-dedicated designers, product and project managers, engineers and QA in Kyiv, Ukraine, CloudMade also has sales and support around the world, and a key research capability in London.

Our leadership team

CloudMade’s executive team is comprised of automotive industry heavyweights and entrepreneurial software builders, who have been behind some of the biggest names in the mobile industry over the last two decades.

Executive Board and CloudMade Board members:

Juha Christensen

Chairman, CloudMade

Jeremy North

Managing Director, CloudMade

James Brown

CTO, CloudMade

Nick Black

Non-Executive Director

Executive Management team:

Dr. Pavlo Negadailov

Head of Engineering & Data Science

Robert Pitt

Director, Product & Design

Nikita Puz

Sales Director

Sebastian Desand

Commercial Director