Unified Search Overview

As driver demand for location based content ranging from POIs to weather, social data, gas prices, deals, coupons and more grows, so does the amount of different content available.  In one region there will be multiple suppliers of POIs raning from traditional data providers to the new wave internet and mobile applications.

CloudMade’s Unified Search technology solves the key problems associated with integrating content from such a diverse set of providers, including:

  • Importing and managing content from different sources
  • Searching accross content sources with a unified set of keywords and terms
  • Aggregating different content sources into a single set of search results
  • Disambiguating places to give a single, unified set of search results

Key Features

Key features of Unified Search include:

  • Tight integration with CloudMade’s Hybrid Data management and sync solution
  • Seamless online-offline operation
  • Disambiguation of places to give a single set of search results
  • Custom hosting models including self-hosting and cloud-hosted options
  • APIs allow for integration into existing OEM systems – either in the cloud or in-dash
  • SDKs for Linux, Android, QNX, WinCE, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OSX

What Is Disambiguation?

Disambiguation is the process by which a set of search results from different providers is converted to a single set of results.

If a driver searches for “cafe” and the search is run accross HERE, Yelp and Foursquare datasets, many of the results returned will be partial duplicates.  “Partial” because Yelp may have up-to-date opening hours, whereas Foursquare may have a wealth of user comments and HERE may have the most accurate latitude and longitude.  The key to a great search experience for the driver is to present a single set of results that is free of any duplicates but gives the user easy access to the diverse information contained by the different sources of data.