Smart Data Overview

CloudMade’s Smart Data is a distributed learning system that brings contextual relevance to drivers.

It is designed to give both drivers and OEMs actionable insights creating a better mobility experience for drivers and generating significant business insights for OEMs.

Key Features

Key features of Smart Data include:

  • Distributed car-cloud architecture
  • Powerful cloud based inference engine
  • Powerful in-car or on-device prediction engine
  • Fully extendible and customizable by OEM
  • Local in-car inputs from a full range of car sensors, diagnostics and HMI
  • Cloud-based inputs from a range of environmental sources such as weather, traffic and local events
  • User specific inputs from a range of sources including calendars and historic profile
  • Portable cross platform SDKs with out of the box support for Linux, Android, QNX

Smart Data Applications

CloudMade’s Smart Data, along with Hybrid Data and Mapsafe, offers a versatile platform upon which many context aware use cases can be build.   Some examples include:

  • User interfaces that predict the driver’s likely next destination based on their past behavior and current context
  • In-car safety systems that know the likely next maneover of a driver
  • Smartphone applications that alert drivers to extreme weather events occuring on a route they are likely to take
  • Car and Driver Analytics that give OEMs deep insight into driver behavior