Mapsafe Overview

A user’s identity, their profile and their location history are crucial to delivering services that users love.  Mapsafe is a cloud-based software stack with cross-platform SDKs that lets OEMs:

  • Build applications and services that cross seamlessly from car to web browser to device
  • Create smooth migration and upgrade experiences
  • Manage user identity securely
  • Exercise granular control over privacy settings

Key Features

Key features of Mapsafe include:

  • Robust bi-directional sync of location data and profiles
  • Authentication with common internet auth services via OAuth
  • Flexible location-centric architecture handles a variety of common spatial formats
  • Sharing and permissions allow sharing and group collaboration
  • Custom hosting models including self-hosting and cloud-hosted options
  • SDKs for Linux, Android, QNX, WinCE, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OSX

Mapsafe Applications

Some common use cases of Mapsafe include:

  • Keeping a user’s profile such as their driving history in-sync between multiple cars, websites, applications and devices
  • Making a user’s fitness data such as their running activities securely available to third-party developers applications
  • Creating a smooth upgrade experience in which a user’s settings are migrated to a new vehicle
  • Building collaborative data sets such as family vacations and group trips
  • Letting users keep their favorite places in sync between their cars, devices and applications