Making Sense Of The Data

With cars generating many gigabytes of data per minute the opportunity to deliver superior customer experiences and business process is greater than ever before.  CloudMade’s Car and Driver Analytics is a location-centric solution used by OEMs to address problems such as:

  • Harvesting valuable data from cars whilst managing data costs
  • Treating customer data securely
  • Customizing privacy options to specific markets
  • Making use of Big Data analytics techniques
  • Combining external datasets to generate additional insights

Killer Applications

Some applications of the solution include:

  • Improving design efficiency through A-B and multivariate testing
  • Adopting data-driven approaches to design, engineering and manufacturing decision making
  • Analyzing commute patterns to suggest faster routes to drivers
  • Enhancing customer relationship management by identifying drivers to reward

Modular Components

Flexible enough to integrate into an OEM’s existing big data analytics solution yet powerful enough to provide a comprehensive solution, the Car and Driver Analytics Solution comprises of the following components:

  • In-vehicle SDK to collect data, run basic analysis and send important results to the cloud
  • Cloud-based infrastructure to receive, process and store data
  • Suite of big data tools for analysis and exploration
  • Map-based visualization tools