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The industry-leading cloud & SDK product for collecting and analysing automotive data sets.

CloudMade Frameworks address the complexity of deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence in automotive.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence promise to:

  • Transform the user experience
  • Enable smarter, safer journeys
  • Form the basis of new revenues (OEM and partners)

But to achieve this value-add requires:

  • Managing a heavy computational load for learning
  • Understanding large quantities of data to learn from
  • Ensuring a high level of data availability in the vehicle

CloudMade framework solutions allow you to maximize data value with 3 learning approaches.

A unique architecture
for learning.

Our flexible frameworks architecture allows you to deploy CloudMade components within your own solution, leveraging your vehicle or smartphone sensor network and then computing onboard and/or in cloud to deliver predictions back to the device.

CloudMade framework products are the result of years of development and is available right now.

If you are thinking of developing your own machine-learning framework, talk to us first before committing valuable budget resources for internal development.
Please get in touch for more information about our any of our Framework components.

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Inference engines

The core components of CloudMade’s machine learning technology.
What benefits do they bring to your company?

Direct monetisation

Selling products, features, or services to the customer

Tailored advertising

Leveraging car data to push individual offerings to customers

R&D and material costs reduction

Gathering product field data for development

Customers’ costs reduction

Analyzing actual usage patterns to reduce repair and downtime costs

Improved customer satisfaction

Better tailoring product/ services to customer needs

Reducing time for intervention

Collecting and forwarding warnings in real time, pointing in the right direction

How CloudMade’s inference engines enable predictions.

We’re constantly developing new inference engines and refining our existing ones.
This is our current readiness status for our inference engines as of November 2019.

CloudMade’s inference engines are the result of years of algorithm development and tested on automotive industry-grade data sets.

We are constantly analysing the quality of the algorithms and improving performance. If you are thinking of developing your own inference engines, talk to us first before committing valuable budget resources for internal development.
Please get in touch for more information about any of our inference engine products.

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Starter kit

See it, drive it, take it home

CloudMade has been collecting data and validating our technologies on that data for over 5 years.
We’ve made custom applications that help users onboard into the world of predictive mobility features, which are also available for our customers.

Our starter kit offers a ready-to-deploy suite of components that allow you to start creating driver profiles out of the box, and analyse the data on smartphone or web.
You can choose between 2 routes for the starter kit – with vehicle data collected from an OBD2 dongle, or simply mobile-only location data.
Once you’ve installed our app, within days you will start to receive smart predictions learned from your data. Over time this can be viewed on the app, in our Driver Dashboard, or in the Experience Car demonstrator.

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