Kuantic and CloudMade introduce
a Driver Assistant App

PARIS, LONDON – Mobility companies Kuantic and CloudMade have announced today an upcoming release of their Driver Digital Assistant App. In the first version of the app, delivered by CloudMade SaaS, Kuantic will offer its customers automatic categorization of trips, driver metrics review, enabling or disabling tracking of the driver off work. This will save crucial time for the driver as well as for the fleet manager, and safeguard driver privacy. By taking this step, Kuantic confirms its position as one of the leading providers of valuable and innovative solutions addressing the challenges of managing a commercial fleet. 

In future versions of the app there will be added driver coaching for eco driving, charging agenda and suggestions of the most efficient routes, along with many other intelligent features. These use cases will increase driver safety and enable reduced fuel cost by 10-20% for commercial fleets. The solution will also ensure optimised scheduling and charging of an electrified fleet, which is a major concern for many fleet managers struggling to reduce their CO2-emissions. 

Dominique Doucet, CEO of Kuantic

“With this new Driver Assistant for professional drivers and fleets, Kuantic helps our customers, from micro fleets to corporate’s, to manage their carbon footprint, their mobility journey and reduce their costs of usage. At Kuantic, we see the Driver as the key actor for managing the necessary transition for better mobility. We introduce intelligent technologies for personalised services, and in the further steps we will introduce additional value added services such as personal coaching toward energy savings and smarter mobility.”

Jeremy North, Managing Director of CloudMade:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Kuantic to provide their fleet customers with CloudMade’s machine learning modules. While the Fleet Management Software (FMS) sector is highly competitive, fleet owners are looking for a lot more than an excel sheet in the cloud. We believe that the FMS-providers that can offer their customers an innovative solution with intelligent, relevant and actionable insights will have a significant competitive advantage. By creating this partnership Kuantic and CloudMade are demonstrating their commitment to creating real value and driving insight for their customers.”

The first prototype of the Driver Assistant App will be shown during Flotauto in Lyon on October 6th and during Fleet & Mobility Live 2022 in Birmingham on October, 11th-12th. Kuantic and CloudMade teams will be exhibiting the future release during the biggest fleet conference in the UK. To book a meeting during the event, please email us at demo@cloudmade.com.

About Kuantic

Kuantic has been innovating and developing fleet management solutions since 2003.

With strategic automotive OEM partnerships, focusing on passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, Kuantic has become a market leader in Europe. Kuantic head office is located in Nice, France nestled in the famous Sophia Antipolis Technology Park. Providing both hardware and software solutions, to both customers and partners. Since 2017, Kuantic has been part of the VALEO Group.

About CloudMade

Over the past 10 years CloudMade with offices in London (United Kingdom) and Kyiv (Ukraine) has developed machine learning technology used to transform car and mobility user experiences, making them simpler, safer and more engaging. Partnering with global OEMs, Tier-1s, Telematics and FMS providers, CloudMade is known as a trusted expert for artificial intelligence solutions on the automotive market and SaaS solutions for the fleet management market.