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CloudMade demonstrators

Feature-loaded products that demonstrate functionality and
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We’re constantly adding production-ready and conceptual use cases to our vehicles and are able to test them in fully legal conditions, either on our premises, or onsite with our customers.

The use cases currently shown in our Experience Car are:

  • Predictive Routes and Destinations
  • Predictive Call List with send ETA and send destination
  • Driver privacy / incognito mode
  • Predictive Drive Mode suggestions
  • ACC suggestions
  • Digital assistant

CloudMade currently has Experience Cars available for demos in USA, Europe and Japan. To book a demo drive of our Experience Car or find out more information, please get in touch.

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Our vehicle in action

A real driveable vehicle showcasing many of our product features.

Experience App

iOS and Android apps showcasing many of our product features.

Experience App is a modular app that showcases our intelligent features on your smartphone. It uses your driver profile to give proactive journey information and make managing your trips easier.

The use cases currently shown in our Experience App are:

  • Predictive Routes and Destinations
  • Pre-departure alerts
  • Distance from vehicle
  • Traffic and weather information

CloudMade currently has several apps which showcase different elements of our technologies, from mobile-only data collection and learning, to full user-centric companion apps.

Our intelligent app is ready for you to use!
Contact us to find out which one is best for your needs.

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Driver Dashboard

Data collection and learning results for all users of your fleet.

Driver Dashboard is a predictive simulator, which allows discovering features and predictive use cases of CloudMade’s learning modules on real driver profiles.
It analyses a dataset of signals collected by the fleet of drivers and applies embedded artificial intelligence to build and visualise intelligent technologies, features and HMI concepts.

CloudMade products that can be explored via Driver Dashboard are:

  • Predictive Navigation
  • Predictive Call List
  • Predictive Departure Time
  • Predictive Drive Modes
  • Predictive Fuel Consumption
  • Recommended Gas Stations
  • Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Predictive Driving Behavior
  • Predictive Driving Agenda
  • Fleet Learning Technologies

To set up a meeting to see Driver Dashboard or any other of these demonstrators in action, please get in touch.

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