Use case

Mobility predictions

Intelligent companion apps are often used by fleets to save time and reduce stress during journeys. They can deliver great digital user experiences for drivers themselves by integrating high levels of personalisation, modern job planning technologies and routing recommendations. They also allow collection of trip data without a telematics box and allow fleet managers and fleet owners to communicate bi-directionally straight into the hands of the driver or customer.

CloudMade’s solution increases efficiency for drivers and fleet managers by adding contextual factors such as real-time traffic, typical journey times and individual’s preferred routes to daily schedules and workforce planning tools. This enables drivers to be proactively notified of time-to-leave, route changes, ETAs and more that can be used throughout the business to improve service level agreements or end-user satisfaction.

CloudMade value:

  • Navigation shortcuts and recommendations that simplify journeys, for example, getting time-to-leave notifications to be on time to the next destination;
  • More efficient routing for the whole fleet and for the each driver in it;
  • Handy commands by using built-in shortcuts and voice commands like ‘start next drive’;
  • Customer centricity through improved understanding of behavior;
  • Increasing customer excitement.

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