Use case

Location based offers & upselling

Using a vehicle is only part of the story for many fleets – it’s the reason for the journey that counts. This can be especially true for rental or subscription customers.

CloudMade’s solution builds a rich history of the journey context: was it business or pleasure; which brand of service station does the customer prefer; how often do they wash their vehicle and where; in which season do they rent a roof-rack, for example.

By assigning these contexts and affinities to all your customers, it’s then possible to increase your total service offering and build cross-industry partnerships by making intelligent suggestions for 3rd party services and offers that are suitable for your customers at all times. Typical services are car wash, parking, charging/fueling and accessory needs, but other services such as couponed offers, vehicle spec upgrades, or other last-mile e-mobility services can be considered.

CloudMade value:

  • Add new revenue streams by marking up services;
  • Improve the customer experience and perceived value of the overall service;
  • Increase customer convenience and flexibility.

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