Use case

EV charging management

With organizations across the world trying to reduce their carbon footprint, sustainability is at the heart of every industry, including fleet management. Currently, fleet electrification is a top goal for most fleets across Europe and North America.

In this instance, CloudMade’s solution combines telematics data with asset and infrastructure data to help organizations anticipate recharging needs and predicting range. This way, CloudMade’s power management solutions will suggest the most suitable schedule for optimal EV usage.

CloudMade value:

  • Predicting future battery health by knowing personal driving style, charging habits, and current battery health;
  • Real-time battery diagnostics along with optimized battery usage can prevent the battery degradation;
  • Planning charging time ahead for the entire fleet;
  • Anticipating recharging needs and suggesting optimal time, place, and type of charging;
  • Suggesting appropriate time and mode for charging the vehicle based on driver’s staying time, next destination and personal battery consumption;
  • Optimizing the use of charging devices, avoiding unnecessary rapid charges and prolonging battery life.

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