Use case

Driver coaching

Keeping track of fleet drivers and ensuring they behave appropriately can be challenging for fleet managers. Inappropriate driving affects fuel consumption, insurance, and maintenance costs. Practices such as excessive idling can also increase fuel consumption and degradation of machinery.

Currently, driver coaching initiatives are often implemented as a company-wide policy: “all vehicles restricted to 60km/h” for example. It’s also difficult for the fleet manager or safety officer to know which drivers to concentrate on.

Using CloudMade’s solution, it’s now possible to understand how individual behaviors can be coached for each driver. Coaching recommendations can be provided for different types of journeys, days, or weather conditions, amongst other contexts.

These can be provided as a personalized in-app or in-person coaching plan, or as real-time notifications into the vehicle. Interestingly, on average 40% of drivers change their behavior after only one safety warning.

CloudMade value:

  • Personalized driver coaching;
  • Reduce distracting driving;
  • Improve safety for all drivers through behavior corrections;
  • Save costs by improving journey planning and feature onboarding.

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