Use case

Driver behavior analysis

Individual driver behavior has a large impact on the profitability of a Fleet. As well as the obvious safety implications of sub-optimal driving, it has a direct influence on factors such as fuel spend and maintenance costs.

With CloudMade’s solution, analyzing the behavior of a driver on each journey is now possible with key events such as harsh braking, acceleration, speeding, and stop sign violation all matched to map route data including contexts such as topology, weather and traffic conditions.

Fleet managers can then assess the strongest and weakest drivers in their fleets by monitoring their safety behavior on every journey taken. This also allows managers to view safety data across the whole fleet; they can quickly measure a fleet’s average safety score based on all the critical parameters that have an impact on the bottom line.

CloudMade value:

  • Provide managers with statistics and analytics to understand driver behavior trends;
  • Identifying both the safest and the riskiest drivers;
  • Reduce fuel consumption by analyzing individual driver behavior and routes taken.

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