Use case

Demand prediction for all types of fleets

Data is considered the new oil for most industries, and it has created significant opportunities to deal with the crucial challenge of demand prediction. By leveraging AI-based technology, demand for your fleet can be predicted in real-time, and you can get long-term insights that can help you become more proactive in planning and optimizing fleet utilization. Planning your operation and inventory management are not the only things that can benefit from demand prediction. It can also help with other aspects like maintenance, price optimization, and revenue management.

CloudMade value:

  • Improve operations by having the vehicles in the right place at the right time;
  • Maximize revenue by ensuring that your rental fleet meets the predicted demand;
  • Dynamic price optimization or demand pricing, helps mitigate lower demand, or maximize revenue when the demand is higher than the supply of vehicles;
  • By synchronizing maintenance with the overall demand, you can maximize utilization of your fleet and ensure efficient operations;
  • AI models predict vehicle depreciation and suggest the best time to de-fleet and sell assets.

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Demand Prediction: the superpower your car rental business needs.

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