AI-based Mobility & Fleet
Predictions as a Service

Why AI-based Mobility & Fleet Predictions will be the most important USP of the decade for Fleet Management Software providers.


The main purpose of Fleet Management Software (FMS) is to manage, process and display a huge amount of information from a number of different sources to enable good reporting, forecasting, planning, fleet optimisation, cost reduction and much more.

However, new data-centric FMS face several challenges:

  • Predicting future need of vehicles, maintenance cost, total cost of ownership etc is not easy. You can’t just use the directional coefficient of the historical development and expect it to constitute an accurate forecast.

  • Using data to understand how to optimize the fleet and reduce the future costs is even more complicated. And if the FMS can’t provide the Fleet Owner with intelligent and actionable recommendations, there is a substantial risk that the Fleet Owner will drown in a non-sensical flood of data.

  • The huge amount of data created by vehicle telematics could be refined by use cases with massive value supporting the targets of the Fleet Owner. Understanding how the data can be intelligently used is an expertise which requires years of experience combining data science, software engineering and business knowledge.

FMS providers are typically experts in understanding the needs of Fleet Owners and to develop a software and a service which meets these needs. They are not experts in data science and machine learning.

CloudMade has developed machine learning technology used today by some of the largest automotive OEMs. Our patented machine learning platform enables valuable mobility & fleet predictions and innovative use cases.

Such as, for example, identifying drivers who drive aggressively and using AI to coach them, leading to reduced cost and CO2 emissions.

CloudMade Mobility & Fleet Predictions as a Service will allow you to offer your customers accurate ML-based predictions on fleet demand, total cost of ownership, maintenance etc as well as to create valuable use cases which could make your software beyond competition and increase the stickiness, thus reducing customer churn significantly.

In short: adding this capability to your Fleet Management Software offering could very well become your most important value creator and USP.

We are now offering Mobility & Fleet Predictions as a Service to fleet management providers. Ready to be plugged into existing FMS-solutions.

If you are interested how to maximize value and USP within your Fleet Management Software offering, get in touch to see how CloudMade can help your team.

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