Exciting customers through a
seamless digital rental experience

How CloudMade’s AI technology boosts unit economics of subscription providers and mobility companies.

Leading mobility services companies are putting more effort into their digitisation strategy as customers are increasingly leaning towards having all the benefits of global mobility without owning a car. These customer centric initiatives improve customer acquisition and retention and deliver a definable ROI.

To address these needs, CloudMade has developed a patented AI-technology platform which uses Machine Learning to enhance the business of rental and subscription providers. CloudMade SaaS product has many use-cases that will ensure to deliver customer excitement, strengthen rental company’s brand and increase overall revenue of its services:

Personalized offerings & upselling

Personalized rental/subscription offerings based on individual data. Suggestions to use vehicle accessories such as roofbars, roofbox, ski-mounts, trailers based upon your profile.


  • Increasing customer excitement and loyalty
  • Seamless digital rental and check-out experience
  • Added revenue channel
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Keep the customer inside the service

Personalized/intelligent companion app

Delivering great digital user experiences to drivers and passengers by integrating high levels of personalisation, modern technologies, and state of the art design.


  • High focus on premium customer service
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Lower costs through digitisation of branches & rental processes

Driver return prediction

A predictive module that recognizes the driver returning to the vehicle (with the intention to drive), up to 2 minutes in advance before the driver actually enters the vehicle. The system predicts the time when the driver will return to the vehicle with intention to make a trip based on a variety of signals and learned travel patterns.


  • Increasing customer excitement
  • Faster booting up the system (preparation for the driver)
  • Preconditioning cabin temperature if above appropriate comfort level

Smart parking suggestions

Saving the time and patience of the driver, as the new unpredictable parking environment is a common situation while using a rental car.


  • Reducing the time for search of an empty parking space
  • Added revenue channel of parking providers
  • Increased customer delight

Personalized UX

Current HMI systems are a confusion of static tools, widgets and IoT notifications.
At CloudMade we’ve been studying user behaviour in the vehicle and believe the next generation interface for automotive will replace traditional static interfaces with a constantly updating supply of predictive, proactive micro-services.


  • Customer centricity through improved understanding of behavior
  • Relevant content is curated and served in bitesize chunks
  • Proactivity assisting the user whenever they choose to interact

Insurance risk optimization

Analyze when, where, and how people drive, what are their typical route pain points and predicted driving habits / behaviors.


  • Tune individual pricing (increase/decrease) at point-of-sale of contract
  • Create flexible damage deductible levels
  • Negotiate bundled prices with the insurance provider
  • Lower insurance costs

Improved forecasts

Fully digital and contactless rental experience boosts growth in global markets.
This efficiency gives a better understanding of the customer and expected customer acquisition and retention numbers.


  • Increased revenue per user
  • Long-term rental

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