About CloudMade

CloudMade is the catalyst of change in the connected car industry. For decades, cars have served the same purposes with the same interaction models and same business models. Now all of that is changing. The new era of connected cars is challenging and reshaping an industry. From electric vehicles to car sharing to on-demand taxis, multi-modal transportation and self-learning cars, CloudMade’s products are at the centre of a new type of mobility.

Our products enable a vast number of connected car use cases ranging from personalized search, to chassis customization to mobility apps to radically re-thought navigation. For too long the driver has been expected to learn how to use the car. We’ve flipped that idea on its head. Using CloudMade’s software, the connected car learns about the driver, customizing every imaginable aspect of the car experience – from the tires to the screens in the cabin.

CloudMade’s leadership team is made up of industry veterans with startup and corporate successes behind them at companies like Psion, Microsoft, Macromedia, Oracle, Libratone, Harman-Kardon. We have offices in Menlo Park (California), Munich and Stuttgart (Germany), London (UK) and Kyiv (Ukraine).


About the role 

As an Intern QA Engineer, you’ll be responsible for the quality of the product server and client parts you are assigned to. Day to day work would imply:

  • Supporting both QA and QC on a project on a daily basis
  • Driving scripted and exploratory testing, authoring test documentation
  • Gathering QA/test metrics and reporting to QA Lead
  • Being a part of agile delivery team, working closely with development/DevOps/product management/design to coordinate effort
  • Working with embedded car stuff/evaluating software effectiveness in real driving sessions
  • Obtain and master knowledge in C++/Java/Python, CMake, gtest, SQLite, Linux CLI, Android ADB, Hbase, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, JSON, Jmeter

About You

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Knowledge of general software testing theory and software development life cycle
  • Any practical experience in test design approaches, effective applying them to exploratory testing
  • Confirmed quick thinking, high level of diligence, proactive attitude
  • Basic understanding of Agile development processes
  • Upper-intermediate English level or above, technical reading/writing is required
  • Strong sense of responsibility and accuracy as well as attention to details
  • Computer science degree or similar is a must

Compensation and Benefits

CloudMade offers competitive and rewarding salary and benefits package, as well as intellectually & creatively stimulating work environment, flexibility, and unique international travel opportunities.