About CloudMade

CloudMade is the catalyst of change in the connected car industry. For decades cars have served the same purposes with the same interaction models and same business models.  Now all of that is changing.  The new era of connected cars is challenging and reshaping an industry.  From electric vehicles to car sharing to on-demand taxis, multi-modal transportation and self-learning cars, CloudMade’s products are at the center of a new type of mobility.

Our products enable a vast number of connected car use cases ranging from personalized search to chassis customization to mobility apps to radically re-thought navigation.  For too long the driver has been expected to learn how to use the car.  We’ve flipped that idea on its head.  Using CloudMade’s software the connected car learns about the driver, customizing every imaginable aspect of the car experience – from the tires to the screens in the cabin.

CloudMade’s leadership team is made up of industry veterans with startup and corporate successes behind them at companies like Psion, Microsoft, Macromedia, Oracle, Libratone, Harman-Kardon. We have offices in Sunnyvale (California), Munich (Germany), London (UK) and Kyiv (Ukraine).

About the Role

We are looking for a Junior iOS Engineer to join our team. You will be working on various CloudMade demo platforms – static demonstrator on android tablet, drivable car demo in real vehicle, smartphone app to showcase multiple CloudMade’s use cases.

Compensation and Benefits

CloudMade offers competitive and rewarding salary and benefits package, as well as an intellectually and creatively stimulating work environment, flexibility, and unique international travel opportunities.

About You

Qualification and experience:

  • 1+ year of iOS experience, 2 years of Objective-C development
  • Understanding algorithms design, data structures, complexity and optimization
  • Experience in client-server architecture, protocols will be a plus
  • Experience in Media, Multitasking, CoreData, Networking, Social Features of iOS will be a plus
  • Experience in TDD, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Refactoring will be a plus
  • Experience in agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP)

We Appreciate: 

  • 2 years of Mac OS/iOS Experience
  • Good knowledge of application’s architecture and design
  • Experience in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync clients development
  • Good knowledge of CoreData and multithreading
  • Good knowledge of encryption algorithms
  • Fluent English