Creating Lifelong Customers For Your Brand

The biggest opportunity that the connected car offers to OEMs is that of generating lifelong loyalty with the your brand.  A key metric to look at when assessing loyalty is churn rate.  In the smartphone space the leaders are Apple – so loyal are their customers that analysts speak of them having created an annuity model.  An $800 iPhone purchase is actually $800 every year or two for as long as Apple remains at the top of the smartphone game.

CloudMade works with auto OEMs to help them engender Apple-like loyalty amongst their customers.  We do this by offering the driver access to a range of “self learning” functionality ranging from navigation systems that are able to preempt drivers’ travel plans to help them save time and frustration, to safety systems that act like a coach, helping people become safer, better drivers to cabin systems that adapt the preferred climate settings of the passengers.  Over time the car gets to know its driver and its passengers, offering them an increasingly customized experienced each time they driver.  After a few weeks driving a car built using CloudMade’s solutions the driver is compelled to explore more and after a few months they’re hooked.  When its time to buy a new car, the driver’s decision is already made.  Just ask yourself how many people you know who’ve switched from Apple’s ecosystem to Google’s?

In this short 5 minute presentation I gave at the Autotech Council in Santa Clara last week, I talk through these concepts and give a few examples about how CloudMade helps OEMs build lifelong relationships with their customers.  Enjoy and please leave a comment with your feedback below.

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September 23rd, 2015 - Posted by Nick Black in connected car, ecosystems, for OEMs, self-learning car |