Over the next 10 years the auto industry will see more dramatic changes than the last 100 years combined. Central to the disruption is the rise of artificially intelligent systems that unlock new functionality, user experiences and business models.

CloudMade is expert in the design, development and delivery of artificial intelligence based solutions for automotive.

What We Do

CloudMade’s software solutions are used by the world’s leading OEMs to transform the vast quantities of data generated by today’s connected cars into meaningful occupant profiles.

Sitting inside the electronics systems of a connected car, CloudMade becomes the brain of the intelligent vehicle. The profiles created by CloudMade impact almost every functional area of the connected car – from the navigation system to the cockpit, seating, chassis and powertrain.

By delivering deeply personalized experiences to their customers, OEMs building upon CloudMade are jumping the AI learning curve to deliver stunning user experiences and equally stunning business performance.

Who we are

CloudMade’s entrepreneurial executive team have been behind some of the biggest hits in the mobile industry over the last two decades.

Juha Christensen

Juha Christensen is Chairman and CEO of CloudMade. A serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record, he was voted one of the 25 Most Influential Europeans in Technology by Time Magazine.

Juha has been building mobile operating systems for most of his career. He founded Symbian, went on to lead the charge in the early days of Windows Mobile, was President at Macromedia, was part of building Teleca, the largest System Integrator in the mobile industry, and helped create a success out of Trolltech and Qt. Today he is as passionate about great user experiences as ever, focusing his time on helping developers, large and small, build great products and services utilizing the CloudMade platform.

Nick Black

Nick Black is President and Chief Product Officer of CloudMade and leads product planning, product management and design organizations as well as strategic partnerships with OEMs.

Nick founded CloudMade after graduating from UCL’s Geomatic Engineering department and holds dual degrees in Anthropology and Engineering. At CloudMade he’s built a team of designers and product managers who manage the task of joining user centered research and design thinking to the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today he carries forward the roadmap and vision of CloudMade’s product and the impact it will have on the lives of drivers and their passengers over the next 25 years.

James Brown

James Brown, CloudMade’s CTO, has been working in the field of telecommunications, geo-spatial data, database/ERP and retail industries for over 25 years.

Jim has spent most of this time on creating new products and building/running technical groups and consulting practices. Jim has great experience working with a mix of large corporates (places like Kmart, Oracle and EDS) and startups/smaller technology organizations (places like Symbian, Sonopia, and SurfKitchen). He has been keeping his hands on technically around database, technical architecture and app development. 

Where We Are

CloudMade is a global organization with offices in:

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