Maps Portals Platform Overview

CloudMade's Maps Portal platform lets you design, build and deploy web portals featuring maps and location content for the desktop and mobile web. 


Typical Use Cases

Rapidly build and deploy fully featured, great looking maps portals for industries including:

  • Public transportation
  • Navigation and route planning
  • Sports and recreation
  • Store finders
  • Local search and directory services


Uncompromising Design

  • CloudMade's Style Editing technology lets you choose from 1000s of different map styles created by a community of designers.
  • Designers can create their own styles in minutes using a point-and-click interface.
  • CloudMade's professional cartographers can create custom styles based on your corporate ID, brand or use case.

Fast Development & Dedicated Support

  • Use industry leading tools like the Leaflet HTML5 maps library to rapidly build out web-based experiences.
  • Get 24/7 technical support from a dedicated team of support engineers.
  • Access HTTP APIs for uncomprimising integration flexibility.


Deploy and Scale

  • Deploy on CloudMade's Amazon based cloud and be assured of a world-class service level.
  • No service interruptions and limitless horizontal scaling.
  • Choose to deploy into your own cloud with expert advice from CloudMade's network operators.


Global Map Coverage

CloudMade offers maps, geocoding and routing services based on a range of global datasets from industry leading suppliers including HERE, TeleAtlas, OpenStreetMap, AND, AutoNavi, the UK Ordnance Survey and other regional partners, giving our customers complete global coverage.

Simple Pricing

There are two enterprise plans, both have a flat fee per month:

$1,500per month

Up to 50M map tile transactions

$3,500per month

Up to 200M map tile transactions

Both plans include an uptime SLA, dedicated support from a named customer support representative and optional SSL access.


Get In Touch

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