Navigation Overview

For OEMs and Developers that want to stand out from the crowd, CloudMade's Navigation & Guidance solution offers an un-paralleled degree of flexibility and control.  

Whereas most automotive grade Nav SDKs started life as navigation applications, CloudMade's Nav SDK was developed from the ground up to be robust, flexible and portable.

  • Built from the ground up as a developer SDK
  • Cross platform support for Linux, QNX, Android, iOS, WinCE, Windows Phone
  • Flexible enough to address the needs of different hardware platforms from in-dash to smartphone to wearables
  • Native support for CloudMade's Hybrid Data supports online and offline navigation modes
  • Fast to add rich content sources such as Yelp and Foursquare POIs, weather, gas prices and more

Fully Featured Navigation

Built on a tried and tested Navigation and Guidance technology that delivers:

  • Fast, onboard route calculations using multiple profiles
  • Re-rerouting and map matching 
  • Traffic data from multiple global sources
  • Voice control ready
  • Control of map styling and display
  • Complete abstraction from underlying navigation data
  • Tools to import a variety of common navigation data formats
  • Advanced control of rendering including access to clipped polygons

The Only True Hybrid Mode SDK

Other navigation SDKs make compromises to deliver "hybrid" online-offline navigation. 

CloudMade's unique Hybrid Data technology delivers the best hybrid navigation experience in the industry.

  • All route calculations happen locally, making them fast and reliable
  • Road-network data is incrementally synced and updated over any available network connection
  • Hybrid Data is compatible with HERE, TomTom, AND, OpenStreetMap and other major map providers


Gets Better With Content

By pairing the Navigation and Guidance solution with CloudMade's Connected Car Content solution, OEMs and developers can create navigation experiences that deliver exceptionally rich content experiences that serve global audiences.